Freitag, 10.06.2016 – Meet and Greet

We will welcome you on Friday afternoon at the Kokerei, near Zeche Zollverein. In a chilling ambience we will offer you a little programme, along with live music performance.

Samstag, 11.06.2016 – Main Event

UNESCO’s World Heritage the Zollverein’s topic will be Geocaching for an entire day. A variety of events all around the subject Ruhr will lead you to the site of Zollverein, as well as to the entire region.

The Monument Trail of ZOLLVEREIN® is there for you to explore. In various guide formats a trained tour guide we will take you on a discovery tour of the once largest coal mine in the world and largest central cokery in Europe.

The Museum Train will take you to the distant parts of the event site, and inform you about the worth knowing details at each stop.
Plus, there are further locations of the region’s industrial culture, which will expose you to the Ruhr and its history.

By playing, and by topic-related competitions we will bring you close to the nature of the district, its people and its culture. No matter if you are old or young — we have got just the right game for you, too.

And for the even younger participants — we have saved a separated area for them, where they can be busy under age-appropriate supervision.

Many, many workshops will keep you upgraded, or introduced to new knowledge or skills. You alway wanted to know more about climbing (T5-rated) — here you can learn it, or more about it, in an industrial, worth seeing scenery.

And, of course, we await you with a full board — doubtless with the region’s specialties.
Beit food or beverages, our experienced catering service will take care of it all.

Also lots of Geocaching-Shops will show up to offer you an extensive supply of everything needful to a geochacher.

As an additional highlight we will present you Bernhard Hoëcker reading from his book “Neues aus Geocaching“ together with his co-author & geocaching friend Tobias Zimmermann on the Trichterebene for about 300 enthusiastic geocachers.

Sonntag, 12.06.2016 – Goodbye Event

On Sunday we would like to finish off the weekend with you.