Project Glück Auf becomes international

To achieve all geocachers from abroad best possible, we started to translate the website. In order to inform as quickly as possible, to reach a great many people, we concentrate ourselves to an English translation for the time being. We have already been able to implement most of the content.

At the top of the screen, next to the search box, now there is a language-switch to have a look at the web site in English. In the coming weeks, further translations will follow.

Glück Auf!

Tours monument path ZOLLVEREIN®

© Jochen Tack / Stiftung Zollverein

As first detailed item on our agenda we have consecrated ourselves to the much sought-after tours. Here you will find a detailed description of the tours on monument path ZOLLVEREIN®, how they will be offered at the event weekend.

Thematically, the tours are divided into children-, night-time- and historical-tours. Just look at the menu item “Event” for the exact contents of each tour category.

However, the tours are not yet available for booking. This will be possible with the opening of our shop system. We can assure that at all 3 days at least one tour will take place. Of course the exact dates will be announced when our shop system is online.

Glück Auf!

Accommodation at Ruhr area

To make your stay in the Ruhr area as pleasant as possible, we looked for a solution and requested several hotels around the event location. We were able to win the Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen as a premium partner and fixed special conditions for you.

In addition, we were able to bring further hotels in, which grant you a special discount for the event weekend. Important: note during reservation process that you have become aware of the hotels through our website.

Just look if something is suitable for you!

Glück Auf!

Newsletter and more …

Glück Auf!

In order to always keep you updated with the latest news about the event, we have provided a newsletter. Register with your name and your email address to receive regular information about the latest developments.

We also picked some more pitches for your cache-mobile homes and provided the corresponding location coordinates for all pitches. Just have a look whether there’s something to it.

So long,

your organizing team


The newspaper article from WAZ is already circulating. Unfortunately it was a bit overdone, and we have had no influence on that article. The fact, that we are planning a world record, is not correct. Thereof we told the press nothing. Also, we did not mention an amount of 15,000 people.

In an interview there was only talked about that there were 11,946 visitors on site in Xanten at the Geoxantike event, according to official data. Zollverein is quite capable of accepting this number of people. When asked if we expect more visitors, the answered was that this is not in our hands, but only to the geocachers themselves, but it would be possible. That this would be a world record attempt, does not be penned by us.

Ergo: official data, as such as a world record attempt (if it would really exist) only we will let you know. Either on Facebook, Twitter, or here on our event homepage

Glück Auf

Mobile Homes

Because so many of you asked for it, we gathered information where to stay overnight with your mobile home (caravan?). We found places in Essen but as well in Gladbeck, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Duisburg, Bottrop, Dorsten and Gelsenkirchen.

Please find detailed information for pricing, contact details and the adresses as well as the details about the camping ground itself with this link or on the related website.

So long Glück Auf!



Glück Auf!
Sometimes there will be rumors …..

We have heard, a rumor, volunteers have to apply with a video tape.

This is of course not the case. If you will apply as volunteer, just check our here you will find all information by pressing the volunteer button.